Drupal Yorkshire: An open group of developers, themers and product owners

We meet monthly to talk all things Drupal, and recently put on the first DrupalCamp Yorkshire 2014. If you're interested in getting involved, show us support by joining our group on Drupal UK. Sign up to our next free event using Meetup.

drupal yorkshire dcy2014 group photo

We meet monthly on 2nd Monday of every month at the Odi Leeds

Details of the next meetup venue are on our meetup page. Would you like to submit a Drupal-related talk, sponsor a meetup, or even host a Drupal Yorkshire meetup in your office? Tweet us.

As an open meetup group, Drupal Yorkshire aims to:

  • Bring together people that are using Drupal at all levels;
  • Share knowledge and ideas;
  • Educate people that are outside of the Drupal community;
  • Try our best to have a live speaker every month.

Drupal Yorkshire is a not-for-profit group organised by a bunch of people that make it happen every month.